Wi-Fi Infrastructure

Ensure Optimal Performance Within Your Facilities

Wi-Fi Infrastructure

Without effective Wi-Fi, scanning and printing becomes difficult to manage. Signal dropouts cause transactions to be lost. Over 20 years Eagle have developed significant experience in providing the right Wi-Fi solution for your factory, ensuring not just the correct equipment, but that the equipment is installed in a location that can provide the most optimal signals to the receiving devices.

Eagle provide a number of services from provision of appropriate access points and antennas, to Wi-Fi Site Surveys and health checks, to ensure optimum performance. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Wi-Fi Survey – Our dedicated technical team will survey your site, with the objective of designing the most suitable solution for your business.  Blackspots can be identified, and a technical solution proposed to help ensure you have the correct coverage for your warehouse or factory, regardless of the type of environment being hot and dusty, having large amounts of metals such as steel, or a food business where coverage in chillers is required.  You will have a detailed document which includes full mapping of where Access Points should be placed and will include configuration instructions.

Wi-Fi Health-Check – Often customers can experience issues where signals are dropping out on their existing systems. Eagle can provide expertise to review your existing solution and make recommendations to fix current issues to help ensure optimal performance of devices.

Wi-Fi Accessories – Eagle have a products business specialising in providing Wi-Fi related kit to our customers. This can include not just Access Points, but all related kit including Brackets, antennas and enclosures.  Please contact your account manager to discuss your requirements.

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