Contacting Support

Normal hours of support are 9am – 5.30pm, Monday to Friday excluding Bank Holidays.  If go-live support is required this can be booked in advance and will be charged accordingly.

From time to time you may discover that the software is not behaving as you would expect.  In this case you can submit a call or query to the Support Team. Eagle is highly integrated to your QAD application which means that, in some cases, the issue may also be visible within QAD.


Before Contacting Eagle Support:

Before contacting Support, there are some simple tests that may allow you to narrow down the cause of the issue or even resolve the issue yourself.


  • Have you been able to do the same transaction in QAD?  For example, maybe the QAD Purchase Order Receipt also fails due to some data error.  If this is the case, resolving the issue within QAD will almost certainly correct the issue seen in Eagle.


  • Is the issue with printing?  If so, are you sure that the printer setups have been correctly performed?  Are there any network issues?


  • Are you getting a Progress error? Please test using the Eagle windows client and capture a screen print of the error if possible. This will help identify the cause of the problem.


Submitting an issue:


Please prepare as much background data as possible: Screen shots of setup screens are useful and usually the first item you will be asked to provide.


If you can replicate the issue with the windows client then please send clear screenshots of that showing;


  1. a)    The module configuration.
  2. b)    Which Eagle screen you are on before you get the error.
  3. c)    The full error message. (NB. This may require you to scroll through the message and capture each part of it).


Contacting the Eagle Support Team:



Email using





E-mail using


Directly into our Zendesk Software:


If you choose the latter then you can either login with your existing details or Sign-Up for a login. Once logged in you will be able to Submit a Request.  The Support Team will be notified immediately of your request and it will be allocated to someone in the team who will be in contact. This is strictly for Support issues for Eagle Software and not intended for general queries.  Any general queries should be directed to your Account Manager