Meet Eagle Europe’s New Account Manager

Our new Account Manager, Tom Wayne, highlights his experience of Eagle throughout the pandemic.

Starting a new job in lockdown

When I signed my contracts with Eagle Europe, I welcomed the challenges that the job would present, little did I know the full impact the next few weeks would have. When I started in March, Eagle were deep in the final preparations for the Eagle Customer Day on 18th March, to be held in the Motor Museum, Coventry. This would be a good platform for me to start networking and meeting my inherited customers and new prospects. Coming from a previous background that involved training for the prison service, it was a welcome change of pace. That same week, our customers were hit with non-essential travel bans on critical staff. This started with Italy, the same country one of our consultants was trying his hardest to get home from. A few days after, our Prime Minister gave us the instructions to work from home where possible. The world had effectively fallen off its axis.

Moving to the home office

With the infrastructure already behind them, the entire Eagle Europe team were immediately moved to their new ‘home offices.’ With Microsoft Teams already a well-used platform within the organisation, the shift to online video meetings was simple. This backdrop allowed the continuation of my role to remain relatively unchanged. Whilst I’d planned for in person catch-ups and conversations with customers, these were switched to something more virtual.

Changes happened immediately at home. My living room, normally a place for DVD watching or having meals with my all so patient partner, suddenly became an office. My home internet was upgraded to cope with the many ‘Microsoft Teams’ meetings that were required to delve into the Eagle world. I began my virtual meetings with my very understanding and tolerant customers, who themselves were now working from home and dealing with business changes. Over the weeks, this started to have its benefits. A vast reduction in my morning commute and no more red traffic lights every 100 yards. Also, with no commute, I was left with extra time to delve into learning even more about my new role and the QAD world.

Reflecting on the past few months

As I write this, we are now in week 17 of lockdown, I have learnt many things. My partner is very tolerant of me being around her all the time, I now understand our internal Eagle jargon, I can change my backgrounds in Microsoft Teams and most importantly, I have learnt that we at Eagle are extremely adaptable. Many companies I have worked for have been very 9-5 in their approach, it does not matter what time of the day it is, Eagle will be there to help you and your business grow and develop. Our pool of knowledge is second to none in this industry and we are not afraid of change or a new challenge.

I thank all those who have spoken with me over the last few months and I look forward to working with you all in the future.

Written by Tom Wayne, Account Manager at Eagle Europe