Laird expand use of Eagle in Liberec and Shanghai

Laird Technologies ( is a global expert in connecting and protecting advanced electronics for many industries. Laird have recently engaged Eagle in two major projects across sites in Europe and Asia. These two projects have enabled Laird to become more efficient in key shop floor processes and meet complex customer requirements.

Liberec in the Czech Republic is a complex site with Performance Materials, Thermal Systems and Controls. Laird needed a solution to improve efficiency and accuracy of inventory movements. Eagle now supports complete life-cycle of purchased materials, semi finished goods and final products.

Zdenek Horcicka, Global Business Systems Manager “We chose Eagle because it is fully integrated to QAD, and also has strong presence in the market with very good reputation. The implementation gave us flexibility above the standard core functionality to also expand the solution to follow real physical material manipulation by safe, smart and easy to perform Eagle transactions. This means the system reflects a scenario based approach because the run of each function reflects a real work instruction including decision making points of each transactional activity.”

Shanghai is part of the Laird Connected Vehicle Solutions division where teams develop, manufacture and market innovative solutions for vehicle communications, telematics and mobile device integration, equipping vehicles with solutions that transmit data and voice to/from the outside world. Shanghai already had Eagle installed since 2013 to support receiving and material movements, but in 2018 Laird had a strict customer requirement to proof FIFO flow of the raw materials and assure traceability.

Zdenek Horcicka “The decision was to re-design some of the business processes and expand the Eagle solution to enable a capability to smartly control a FIFO critical flow from the main warehouse to the shop floor, and material picking to work order, whilst applying poka-yoke principles. ”

Android Strategy – Laird also took the opportunity to review their hardware estate for this project. Hardware technology has changed significantly in the last 5 years and Laird made the decision to future proof their solutions and move to Android strategy and Android devices. Android is the accepted future platform for Industrial devices and offers exceptional user experience. Laird are using Eagle’s fully developed Android App.

Zdenek Horcicka “There was evident advantage to see all information significantly bigger than in character terminal. Additionally, the soft buttons on the screen improve the ergonomics in faster operation, especially where it is needed to go through a list and select proper record to work with.”

Eagle look forward to working with Laird on future projects. For more information on how Eagle can help your organisation please contact us.