Laird Expand Partnership With Eagle In China

Laird Shenzhen Processing 20,000 Shop Floor & Warehouse Transactions Per Day using Eagle:

Laird ( is a global expert in connecting and protecting advanced electronics for many industries. Laird have recently implemented Eagle in a site in Shenzhen, China. This followed a successful implementation in the Czech Republic in 2018. These projects have enabled Laird to become more efficient in key material flow and shop floor processes and meet complex customer requirements.

Shenzhen in the People’s Republic of China is the biggest production site of Laird hosting full capabilities of Performance Materials and Thermal Systems divisions. Laird needed a solution to improve efficiency and accuracy of inventory movements, as well as to assure FIFO control and transparent material traceability. Eagle now supports complete life-cycle of purchased materials, semi finished goods and final products.

Zdenek Horcicka, Global Business Systems Manager “We’ve already built a trustworthy partnership with Eagle during the implementation of their system in Liberec. The stable run and variety of customizations gave us firm confidence to the system and very good knowledge of its components. The complex and large environment of Shenzhen site represented another opportunity to refine a template for further implementations and resolve very specific business situations. For example an easy material replenishment process between two distant buildings. Above all previous improvements, Eagle brought us instant visibility to the geographic footprint of each inventory record with a time stamp.“

In addition, Laird have also continued to roll-out the Eagle Android App on Zebra devices. Android is the accepted future platform for Indutsrial devices and offers exceptional user experience.

Eagle look forward to working with Laird on future projects in China and North America. For more information on how Eagle can help your organisation please contact us.