Eagle Android App New Features

Android is now becoming the strategy of choice for many industrial organizations, with the technology offering both a future proofed platform and exceptional user experience benefits. OEM’s such as Honeywell and Zebra continue to expand their mobile computing offerings including a range of enterprise-ready devices running the Android OS. Based on the Linux kernel, the Android OS has grown immensely, holding a strong presence in the mobile space.

Active development for RF Express for Android continues as Eagle customers continue to adopt this technology. In co-operation with customers there has been some recent application upgrades including:

    • Enhancing usability across devices, by enabling configurability of soft keyboards, numeric keys, and touch screen configurability.  These improvements enable fine controls for users from small screen to large tablet devices.
    • Application UI design to enhance UX experience across landscape view modes deployed on wearable solutions.
    • Further, Eagle has added support for persisted login capability to their QAD environment.
    • Customers running Georgia Softworks (telnet server) are now supported.


Please contact us for more information on how you can download and take advantage of the Eagle Android App.