Delivering Complex Projects Webinar

Did you catch our ‘Delivering Complex Projects’ webinar?

Don’t worry if you missed it, we’ve got a recording of the session available now. For this session we were joined by a special guest, Zdenek Horcicka, Business Systems Manager, from Laird. A long-term customer of Eagle, we joined forces with Zdenek to show how to deal with various complexities when delivering a QAD/RF Express Data Collection project. Zdenek was joined by Eagle Europe Director, Bruce Mills and Eagle Europe’s Senior Global Project Manager, Simon Lovejoy.

What did we discuss?

Covering complexities driven by time, through to location and functionality, this session deals with how Eagle can help guide you through those challenges. We understand that a complex challenge means something different to every organisation and we work closely with you to meet these during a project.  

What did Laird do?

Laird began their journey with automating their materials management in Liberec, with the use of Eagle RF Express to help easily identify inventory and perform real-time transactions, helping to increase inventory accuracy by 90%. This success triggered a global roll-out, including the biggest, most complex site in Shenzhen, China. Zdenek covers some of the challenges faced completing such a large global roll-out and how this project has been successful in assisting Laird with their operations.

Would you like to find out more?

If you missed this session, the recording is available to watch now. If you have any questions for the Eagle team, or Zdenek about his experience, please get in touch. We’re looking to host future webinars, covering topics that you’d like to see, so please get in touch if there is any sessions you’d find useful, we’d love to hear from you.

Watch the recording of the session here