2D Functionality Announcements

2D Discrete PO Receipt / 2D PO Shipper Receipt with Serialization     

Eagle is pleased to announce new functionality to handle 2D receipts.  The new functionality can be used to manage discrete PO’s, and/or with Eagle’s serialization module.  The new functionality offers customer’s significant process and efficiency gains such as single scan receipts and the associated labor saving’s.

2D Discrete PO Receipt:

With this solution there will be no need for the customer to re-label pallets when using discrete purchase order receipts as a new feature in Eagle uses Supplier labels when receipting items within the factory.

The supplier identifies each box or pallet within the 2D barcode with a unique license plate (using the Standard Global Transport Label – GTL), and then on receipt with Eagle Purchase Order Receipt (POR) the solution will link the receipted part to a QAD lot reference.

The 2D labels can then be transacted via a single scan and subsequent transactions will recognize this label which can then be used within the factory until the materials are issued to production.

2D PO Shipper Receipt with Serialization:

Eagle serialization can now be used with QAD PO Shippers to receipt multiple level PO containers and automatically create the same PO shipper structure as serialized pallets to then be used in the factory with other Eagle transactions.

Eagle has already implemented a Serialization Module which allows an operator in any process to add GTL License Plates, GS1 SSCC’s, serial, lot and/or lot referenced items to a multi-level packing structure.  For example, with the new UNT program the user can scan a serial number and add this to a ‘box’ this box can then be added to a ‘carton’ which in turn can be added to a ‘case’. This whole structure can then be added to a ‘pallet’.

Items can already be receipted via Eagle Purchase Order Receipt (POR) as a GTL License Plate, GS1 SSCC, serial, lot and/or lot referenced items, and can then be built into multiple level packaging structures to make it easier to move products within the factory.

The new functionality is the integration of receipt of PO Shippers and GTL License Plates with the Serialization module so that multi-level PO shipper structures can be receipted and then the multi-level structure maintained for use in the factory.  This is ideal if a full master pallet is receipted with individual referenced boxes as the operator can then just scan the master pallet to move the whole structure until the individual boxes are required.

Standard Eagle Pallet Move (PMV) and Pallet Review (PRV) transactions will then work with the serialization module at any level from the GTL License Plate, GS1 SSCC, lot reference field, box, carton, case and pallet.

For more information on this functionality, please contact your project manager.