Wi-Fi Surveys and Health Checks

Written by Dave Woodall, Technical Consultant and Wireless Engineer, Eagle-Europe

Our Wi-Fi Expertise

Eagle has been implementing end-to-end Data Collection solutions for over 25 years. From stand-alone Wi-Fi network planning and hardware, through to end-to-end project delivery of the software solution. Wi-Fi technology has evolved over this period and as a team we’ve been adapting to these changes. We have experience in providing Wi-Fi solutions into challenging manufacturing and warehousing environments, leveraging our extensive knowledge of Wi-Fi and Antenna Theory to deliver robust solutions optimised for the latest Wi-Fi Data Capture products.

Today Eagle recommend the next generation Wi-Fi 6 technology. The latest standard from the Wi-Fi Alliance based on the 802.11ax protocol. This ensures your Wi-Fi infrastructure is future-proof in terms of speed, security and ready for the new 6 GHz radio channels when they are made available.

In recognition of a move to ‘Cloud Managed’ Wi-Fi, Eagle are proud to offer solutions from Extreme Networks who have been named a 2020 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Wired and Wireless LAN Access Infrastructure. Their 4th generation ExtremeCloudTM IQ platform takes advantage of advanced machine learning and QI capabilities to simplify sophisticated management, enhance visibility and control, and reduce cost and complexity.

The Wi-Fi services we provide ensure your Wi-Fi infrastructure is fully optimised to support Data Capture. Two of the key elements we deliver are:

Wi-Fi Survey

Our dedicated technical team use specialist heat mapping survey software to accurately identify Wi-Fi signal levels throughout your site using a live Wi-Fi access point. We specialize in designing solutions for manufacturing and warehousing environments by leveraging our skills in antenna theory to optimise Wi-Fi coverage and utilise IP rated access point enclosures and bespoke antenna brackets for harsh environments, such as chillers and external areas of your site.

Our survey documentation consists of a heat map report containing a series of ‘heat map’ visualisations depicting Wi-Fi signal strengths, coverage footprints and radio channel overlap. Also included is a comprehensive bespoke report providing details on the required bill of materials, floor plans identifying access point locations and detailed schematic diagrams and instructions for best practice installation.

Wi-Fi Health-Check

Often customers can experience issues where signals are dropping out on their existing systems. Eagle offer a comprehensive Wi-Fi Health Check visit to survey your Wi-Fi infrastructure and identify any issues that may be compromising performance and connectivity. We provide the customary detailed documentation detailing our findings and recommendations to fix current issues to help ensure optimal performance of devices.

Written by Dave Woodall, Technical Consultant and Wireless Engineer, Eagle Europe

Dave has extensive skills in deploying Wi-Fi into challenging environments, where Wi-Fi signal can be easily compromised. Dave’s experience and vast knowledge means he is able to help our end-users face their unique Wi-Fi challenges.